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This week for Ava’s homeschooling, we’ve been focusing on the Letter A (I’ll be doing a post about all of the activities we did over at Motherhood Moments soon). I figured the perfect ending to this week would be making apple pie, especially since the theme for the potluck at Growing Kids God’s Way tomorrow is American food! I love it when I can share the fattening food I make with other people so I don’t end up eating it all myself…thus the reason I don’t need phentermine! LOL

So that’s what we did. The first twenty minutes or so went great. First the kids helped me mix up the crusts (we made two). I decided to make slab apple pie so that the kids could help and I wouldn’t be worried about making it look pretty. This was a very good decision, considering that Kelvin insisted on gouging the crust with anything he could get his hands on….spoons, forks, measuring cups, etc.

We finally got the crusts done and safely hidden away on the kitchen counter (we were cooking in the dining room so that the kids could reach better). Thankfully, the apple slicing went much more smoothly. I sliced up one apple for them to eat and then they helped by dumping the other apples I was slicing into the bowl.

And then things went downhill. We started the topping by putting the flour in the bowl. While I went to the kitchen for butter, Kelvin took a spoon and sprinkled all of the flour all over himself. When I got back in there, he was completely white and so was the table and chairs. I was not impressed and Ava told him he could not be “Chef Babycakes” anymore.

But we got through it…cleaned up the mess, stripped the baby down to his diaper, finished the topping, and baked the pies without burning them! :)